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Resetter Epson Fre Download

Epson Stylus Color type 480,580,680,777,780,790,860,1160,61,
62,70,825,830,870,890,950,1270,1280, printer service program
download (336) FREE!
This is the most downloads for reseters
( according to my downloads count )
Just download at this link :

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Today you can download FREE Service Programs:

This is How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880 :
Waste Ink Counter Reset Manual for Service mode
1. Turn On iP1880
2. Push and Hold Resume button about 2 minutes
3. Release Resume button
4. Printer back to normal again

Epson CX5500 & CX5505 - i knew u want it !

R290 Reseter

Hello everyone,

A lot of people are asking about this reseter. After searching for quite sometime here is a working copy provided by one of our members, manny_chengjr from Philippines. Thanks guys for all the support and please continue to help the group grow by sharing your knowledge and the reseters that you have.

Here is the link, in the meantime we uploaded it in divshare.


and mediafire :